“Boncher-Wales Marketing has been our rep for over 20 years.  They have been our Rep of the Year roughly half of those years, including last year.  They are enthusiastic, motivated and hard working.  They have multiple sales people with a strong backup staff and offices conveniently located to all major Chicagoland customers.
Their preparation and sales presentation tools are beyond what I’ve seen from any other agency with which I have worked.  Where sell sheets were lacking they’ve made them up.  Data is clearly and attractively presented with charts, graphs and competitive information.  Buyers are noticeably impressed by the amount of obvious preparation that has gone into the presentation.

Customer relationships are strong with constant communication and accessibility.  Very close work with buyers, MM’s, assistants, analysts and support staff is there – whatever it takes to get the job done. We value their relationships and product category knowledge enough to involve them in our decision making on new product development. 

Strong planning for future change is the key ingredient they bring to the table.  This is the most important thing I look for in a rep today.  Given all the ongoing changes in the marketplace you must have a firm who knows all the players in depth, and where they are going – Boncher-Wales is that firm.”

Mike Berger
Vice President Sales & Marketing
The Metal Ware Corporation


“The definition of a professional manufacturer’s representative group is Boncher-Wales.  Each member of this fine sales team has the complete skills which help put them at the top of their game.  They listen well and they always ask the right questions.  They understand the needs of their customer, and just as important, they understand the needs of (Lifetime Brands) the companies they represent. Servicing is the number one priority of all great sales representatives and Boncher-Wales has proven time after time they understand their role between the customer and the factory.  Whether it is face-to-face servicing, phone calls, letters, or emails, Boncher-Wales is in constant contact with Lifetime Brands and our buyers.  An old saying, “enthusiasm breeds success.”  Each member of the Boncher-Wales team is so enthusiastic with every phase of the business whether it’s making the all mighty sale or handling a time consuming customer complaint.  Each member takes the initiative to go above and beyond on various projects.  Prior to the sales call, they come prepared.  After the sales call, they follow-up immediately. Boncher-Wales has a good (no, a GREAT) relationship with all of its customers.  Each member of the Boncher-Wales team has gained the necessary trust and respect from his/her buyers and this has translated into them making the sale more often than not.”
Meyer Kranson
Vice President, Field Marketing Officer
Lifetime Brands, Inc.

“Boncher-Wales has worked for United States Pumice Co. for over sixteen years.  During this time, Boncher-Wales has provided a professionalism and dependability that is outstanding.  I have found them to be diligent and hard working, always striving to keep our company’s best interest at the top of their agenda. I would recommend their services to any company looking to increase their product’s visibility in the marketplace.”

Fred Carlson
Vice-President Sales
United States Pumice Co.


“My experience with Boncher Wales Marketing group has been outstanding.  I have the utmost respect for this organization. The employees are all motivated and caring. Their follow up is incredible. They have grown my business to a level beyond my expectations.”

Fran Lobl
Regional Sales Director
Delta Carbona


“Boncher-Wales Marketing Group has produced profitable sales increases consistently over many years for Bacova.  Their product presentation is very professional, accurate and their sales closing ability is one of the best.  Boncher-Wales sales representative’s product knowledge is at the top of any sales organization that Bacova has in the country.”

Rick Lewis
National Sales Manager
Bacova Guild